Beauty in Distanced Performance at Buddy Holly Hall

  |  February 1, 2021

Acoustics in Buddy Holly Hall

Carlos Rivera, Associate Principal at Jaffe Holden, recently attended the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra’s first Masterworks concert at the new Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences in Lubbock, Texas. The program featured Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with guest soloist Philippe Quint and represents a culmination of seven years of planning, design, and construction.

The socially distanced orchestra played to the partially occupied Helen DeVitt Jones Main Theater as required to insure everyone’s safety. Sound in the parterre, where Carlos was fortunate enough to sit for the performance, had great warmth and envelopment while also being clear and articulate. Quint’s virtuosity and energy were undeniable and the audience recognized him with a standing ovation. It was a reminder of the beauty and privilege of attending a live performance, something dearly missed since the start of the pandemic.

Carlos also performed instrumented measurements in the Main Theater as part of JH’s work to optimize the acoustics of the space. Below is a video of a balloon pop used to record the reverberation time in the hall.



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