Our Student-Centered Approach

  |  June 8, 2022

Jaffe Holden’s mission in the design of fine arts academic learning environments is centered around the students, faculty, and staff who use these spaces every day to learn, teach, practice, and perform. We believe that each step of the learning process deserves the highest level of dedication from an acoustic design perspective, and not simply the culminant performance of their academic career.

Our team helps prepare students for the professional world by designing spaces that are conducive to learning and acoustic environments that allow students to accurately hear themselves and other members of the ensemble through finer articulation, speech intelligibility, and sound reflection. By supporting the acoustic needs of students who study the performing arts, we help to build their confidence in performing to audiences of all sizes.

Changes in media, technology, and pedagogy have necessitated a modern approach to educational design. The intersection of education and emerging technology inspires our staff. Jaffe Holden helps guide educational facilities into the 21st century by designing flexible, collaborative learning spaces that are acoustically meshed with leading-edge technology and full integration with university systems. Technology continues to evolve every day, and our staff thrives on developing new systems to embrace the forward movement eagerly sought by modern universities and students.


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