Principal, Operations and Finance


Matt is responsible for overseeing the operations and finances of the firm. Our team looks to him to carry on the high standards of Jaffe Holden in the acoustic and AV design profession while promoting value, stability, and the creative use of technology.

With Jaffe Holden Since 2022

With more than 10 years of general and operations management experience in the music industry, and over three years of securities finance experience in the banking industry, Matt’s depth of knowledge encompasses a broad range of management areas including efficiency, organizational structure, productivity, and company performance. He is adept at analyzing how workflow and structure affect client satisfaction and ultimately, the company’s success.

Matt’s experience has allowed him to develop a structured and systematic approach that utilizes his analytical, organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills to improve key performance indicators and enhance efficiency. Matt received a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Penn State University. His background in management, securities finance, and economics enables him to better understand and interpret data as it relates to business and economic analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintains the highest standard of business operations in line with our mission statement and values
  • Manages accounting and finances
  • Ensures compliance with legal requirements
  • Addresses issues and concerns of the senior management group
  • Establishes management systems to ensure consistent and efficient controls, reporting, and analysis