Principal, Operations


Sig is responsible for overseeing operations of the firm. Clients count on him to provide resolution to urgent business matters.

With Jaffe Holden Since 2008 – In The Industry Since 1970

With more than 40 years of experience, Sig’s depth of knowledge encompasses a broad range of management areas including efficiency, organizational structure, productivity, and company performance. He is adept at analyzing how workflow and structure affect client satisfaction and ultimately, the company’s success.

Prior to joining Jaffe Holden, Sig was an independent management consultant. Jaffe Holden was a primary client. Sig spent more than 30 years as an airline pilot during which time he served for 16 years as a union representative and 10 years as an elected union official. Sig also served in the US Navy as both a submariner and naval aviator.

Duties and Responsibilities

Sig is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of the company. A list of his duties includes the following:

  • Ensures the business is operated to the highest standards in line with the mission statement and values
  • Manages cost control, revenue and debt management
  • Ensures the company operates in compliance with all legal requirements
  • Implements systems for reviewing all operating costs so they are consistently in line with focused revenue
  • Addressees issues and concerns of senior management group
  • Establishes management systems to ensure consistent and efficient controls, reporting and analysis