Building Sound Isolation

Sound and vibration can disrupt a musical performance, disturb our concentration, and interfere with our ability to communicate. In complex structures, sound and vibration isolation must be considered from two perspectives: the control of sound and vibration from sources external to the building, and the separation of spaces within the building. Jaffe Holden consultants are experts at preventing unwanted sound and vibration.

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Performing arts centers, academic learning environments, corporate offices, museums, libraries, private residences, health care facilities and government buildings all benefit from sound and vibration isolation. Jaffe Holden determines the level of quiet necessary to accommodate a space’s intended use. We then examine the noise and vibration profile of the site to determine the probable acoustic impact on the facility. Our analysis is often used to determine the proper location for a building or to inform the design of a building’s envelope.

Sound and vibration measurements are analyzed in our in-house acoustic lab utilizing the latest in acoustic test equipment. This helps us make recommendations for floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and specialty isolation systems.

Sound Isolation Wall Sound Isolation Penetrations

Our consultants are available to conduct site visits to ensure design compliance throughout construction, because even minor details affect sound isolation. We also conduct on-site testing and verification through the project’s commissioning and opening.