Our Acoustic Design Expertise Helps Organizations Achieve their Goals

Owners and executive directors of performing arts, educational and cultural organizations are well aware of the importance of getting the most from their facilities today. Fulfillment of the organization’s mission depends on it. So does its economic well-being—the need to invest in a facility in ways that maximize its revenue-generating potential is a financial priority.

The functionality of these spaces depends on the quality of their acoustic and audio/video engineering. A performing arts space must facilitate memorable sensory experiences to keep audiences coming back. Program content presented in a cultural space relies on both aural and visual conveyance to last in patrons’ senses. An aurally accommodating academic environment fosters learning and is critical to students’ success.

Learn about the difference our acoustic design expertise can make

Organizations that have built or improved their performing arts, educational and cultural facilities have benefited from Jaffe Holden’s distinct know-how in architectural acoustic design and audio/video solutions. Our award-winning work and involvement in enhancing many of the world’s most iconic buildings make us a leader in our field.

Why organizations recommend us to their architects

Besides the official recognition our work has received, many owners and leaders of these organizations have told us that our work has added value to their facilities and helped them to achieve their mission-critical and financial goals. And, as a result, more than 90% of them have recommended our firm to a friend or colleague. They commented that their organizations have enjoyed several advantages when working with Jaffe Holden on their facilities:

  • Improved teaching efficiency and audience/visitor experience
  • Comprehensive acoustic design and audio/video solutions from one firm
  • Our proven performance on similar projects
  • Our team’s specialized expertise and a reputation for quality work
  • Our collaborative approach to adding value to their facilities

Having a space designed or built, or looking to make improvements? Contact us and we’ll show you and your architectural team the value we can add to your facility.