Building Systems Noise and Vibration Control

Noise and vibration control is crucial to keep mechanical, electrical, plumbing and vertical transportation systems diminish sensory experiences. Our consultants analyze sources such as fans and electrical devices, determine their impact, and develop recommendations to enhance the desired acoustical functionality of projects.

There are many factors that cause unwanted sound and vibration. Jaffe Holden specializes in preventing unwanted sound and vibration such as the sound of fans traveling through ductwork, vibration from rotating equipment, and humming noise from electrical devices, to name a few.

Chiller Noise Wrap Water Pump

Not all spaces have the same criteria when it comes to appropriate sound levels. Classrooms, offices and rehearsal halls all have different sound requirements. That’s why we establish a required background sound level early in the design process so we can properly accommodate the space’s programming.

Jaffe Holden’s knowledge of sound isolation and vibration control is comprehensive and ongoing as new equipment reaches the marketplace. We regularly research and adapt our process. Our team analyzes noise using a source-path-receiver method and then develops recommendations based on past experience, new observations, and noise propagation software. Our designs are field tested, verified, and easily incorporated into drawings and specifications.

Noise and Vibration Control Rooftop Air Handling Unit