Designing Acoustic Excellence for Student Success Within a Vineyard-Style Learning Environment

  |  April 10, 2024

Nestled within the campus at Brigham Young University is the newly constructed School of Music building, a strong representation of the university’s dedication to musical education. At its core is a groundbreaking feature: a 1,000-seat vineyard-style concert hall, the first of its kind in the Mountain West region. Departing from traditional layouts, this space offers... Read More

Harmonizing Spaces: Labor Cost Saving Through Acoustic Automation for Performing Arts Venues

  |  March 6, 2024

Performing arts facilities are often the crown jewel of a community, and new challenges exist in a world that has grappled with a pandemic and cultural shift in recent years. Operational budgets have tightened, pencils have been sharpened, and the workforce has changed. There is an increasing need for operational sustainability within these performing arts... Read More

Performance-Based Facilities for Performing Arts Boost the Bottom Line – BD+C

  |  January 30, 2024

Take a look at this comprehensive article in Building Design + Construction, Performance-Based Facilities for Performing Arts Boost the Bottom Line, about budget-conscious design trends for performing arts facilities! “According to Mark Holden, Principal of Acoustics for the acoustic and audiovisual design firm Jaffe Holden (which helped pioneer and design a number of adjustable acoustic systems),... Read More