Design Innovation for Museums and Cultural Institutions

  |  August 24, 2022

Jaffe Holden’s design approach is driven by our passion for the fine and performing arts and the creation of spaces that allow the public to experience the arts to the fullest. Through our extensive work in the performing arts world with some of the most creative and talented artists, musicians, and fellow design professionals, we are inspired to deliver the richest experience possible for both the artist and the audience. We carry over this design ethos into our core principles of design for museums and cultural institutions around the world.

Our innovative, technology-based perspective inspires sensory experiences for patrons of the arts through superior architectural acoustics and flexible audio/video systems that can facilitate traditional 2-D and 3-D media as well as time-based media artwork and immersive installations with visual projections, audio, and other media. These kinds of works are mutable, the antithesis of static fixtures that hang on walls or stand on pedestals, so a significant factor in our design work is creating acoustic and AV environments that are flexible enough to be easily reconfigured and sustainable in the sense that museum conservators can adapt and tune the galleries with each interchanging installation.

Immersive design has been in our purview since 1968 with each project we have designed, but immersive acoustic and audio/video environments have become an increasingly desirable feature of many of our projects in more recent years. This concept of enveloping an entire space in multimedia utilizes high-definition visual technology, with components such as projection mapping that casts images and videos onto virtually any surface, and edge blending which uses multiple projectors to display a seamless image across a wide surface area.

Jaffe Holden is leading the innovative design of the latest trends and technologies in acoustics and AV for world-class museums and cultural institutions, and always thinking outside the box as a pioneer in the field of fine and performing arts. It is our priority to deliver exceptional designs that utilize the latest technologies so the end-users of these cultural spaces can enjoy the richest acoustic and audio-visual experience possible.


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