Take Flight and SOAR: Remembering Sigfrid Hauck

  |  August 17, 2022

It is with great sadness that we must announce the recent passing of Sigfrid Hauck, Principal of Operations. Sig had been with Jaffe Holden since 2008, bringing his expertise and leadership to our firm at a time of universal hardship during the recession and market collapse. He offered his perspective as someone outside of our industry and helped us navigate through challenging times, strengthening our firm and boosting morale in the process.

Sig spent more than 30 years as an airline pilot, during which time he served for 16 years as a union representative and 10 years as an elected union official. Sig also served in the U.S. Navy as both a submariner and naval aviator. He was a quick study in our line of work, taking his experience as a lead negotiator for the pilots’ union and translating it into managing the operations of an acoustics and audio/video design firm.

Sig not only took charge with the financial operations of our firm, but also the human resources aspect of company operations. He put the employees first, encouraging honesty and transparency throughout all levels of the company. Company culture became a driving force behind our team with Sig at the helm, and he was responsible for championing the health and well-being of our employees as well as their families.

Jaffe Holden adopted the model of remote work long before the pandemic, and our team appreciated the trust and respect given to them with regards to working both independently and collaboratively while relying on one another to support the marketing and business development efforts of our firm. Our acoustic and A/V consultants learned to take charge in terms of developing client relations, finding new opportunities, and winning new work.

Sig also instituted monthly SOAR meetings, which stands for “System of Awards and Recognition.” These meetings emphasize the accomplishments of our team, keeping everyone engaged with Peer-to-Peer Awards and a “How Goes It” session, which gives the team a monthly and quarterly snapshot of our financial health. Sig believed that a team works hardest when everything is laid out on the table.

To our benefit, Sig was able to pass on much of his knowledge and experience to our new Principal of Finance & Operations, Matt Kulinski, who has spent the better part of this year under Sig’s tutelage. Those of our team who had the privilege of working with Sig will remember him fondly and carry on his legacy through their work. We would also like to extend our sincerest condolences to Sig’s family and loved ones.

Sig’s impact is impossible to capture in words, though it will be felt for countless years to come. Through his leadership, the Jaffe Holden team was truly able to take flight and SOAR.


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    Irene Byrne Ohl

    My deepest condolences on the loss of dear Sig. I only worked with Sig a few times, but was impressed with his deep love of the JH brand, principals and staff. I know his SOAR project will live on as well as his many wonderful wry witticisms.